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I currently study and live in Birmingham and am in my second year of university, undertaking a degree in media and communication. I used to blog (about fashion, style, clothes etc.) but for various reasons stopped. However, I now find myself at a point where I have more developed and informed opinions on an array of different things, including the fashion industry. This blog is not going to be photos of outfits and clothes, but my view on a multitude of topics surrounding the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I love but as media undergraduate I want to write articles that avoid the wishy washy adoration so commonly reflected in fashion blogs and magazines. It's interesting to look a little further and dig a littler deeper.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

a foreign land

In 10 days time I shall be here; the beautiful Madeira. I have never been before, but from the photos I have seen it looks absolutely breathtaking. I'm only going for a week but a week is better than not at all. Words cannot even begin to describe my excitement! Some of you might know that I have never been on a plane before (I think I mentioned it in a previous post) so I'm also rather nervous. I'm going holiday shopping again this weekend, hopefully it will be the last time as I just need some essential bits and bobs. Have you been to Madeira before? What is it like?

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