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Sunday, 3 July 2011

holiday haul

First of all, this post wasn't meant to be a haul, insted it was meant to be an outfit/photography post but I couldn't get my desktop to work which has photoshop on it. So I have to do that at school tomorrow. Right, on to the haul. This is a collective haul, all of which is for my holiday next monday. It looked like a lot more in the bags, that might be because I haven't included some items as they were quite boring and also because some were underwear. I did buy a super cute crop top from Topshop in the sale but when I got home I realised it had a whole in it so it has to be taken back. All the things I got were all reasonably cheap because I didn't want to spend a great amount before my holiday, so if you see some items you like you won't feel as bad about buying them.

No. 7 eyeshadow brush from boots was £6.75 but I had a £5 voucher so it was only £1.75 which is a massive bargin. The quality is amazingly good.

All these beauty items are from Superdrug or Wilkinson and are all relatively cheap, I can't remember the prices off of the top of my head. The shirt is from Primark and cost £6, its quite sheer so I'd deffinitely put a cami underneath, but I am also planning to wear it as a cover up by the pool.

These are both from Newlook. The top was £1.99 and the dress was £14.99, both are very good prices. The top is more of a burgundy colour and is super soft, they have them in a range of colours. The dress is quite sheer when you put it on, but it's still wearable.

The top is from River Island and was £7.99 because it had £7 off, not sure if they still sell them because I got this before they started their massive sale. The shorts are from Topshop and were £26 but I got them for £20.80 because it was 20% for students that week. They still sell the shorts and although they are labelled as hotpants they aren't as short as other hotpants I have tried in Topshop.

I have fallen in love with these sunglasses! I didn't think they would suit me at first but when I tried them on they looked perfect. They were £13.99 from River Island, so not too expensive for sunglasses, especially as they are quite good quality ones. The case was also from River Island and was £4 in the sale, which I thought was a bargin. They had loads of them in a box by the tills, so go check it out.

Lastly, I got a bikini from Newlook whic was £7.99 for the bottoms and £12.99 for the top, but I did get a student discount so it was slightly cheaper. They are sold as seperates but they only had the same size for both top and bottom left, but I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly which was pretty lucky.

Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to not do a post if that makes sense? Also sorry for the poor quality of the some of the photos, I took them when it was getting dark so some of the colours didn't show up properly.

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