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I currently study and live in Birmingham and am in my second year of university, undertaking a degree in media and communication. I used to blog (about fashion, style, clothes etc.) but for various reasons stopped. However, I now find myself at a point where I have more developed and informed opinions on an array of different things, including the fashion industry. This blog is not going to be photos of outfits and clothes, but my view on a multitude of topics surrounding the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I love but as media undergraduate I want to write articles that avoid the wishy washy adoration so commonly reflected in fashion blogs and magazines. It's interesting to look a little further and dig a littler deeper.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

simply smart

Shirt; Bershka, skirt; H&M, shoes; Topshop
Currently I am very uninspired which I put down to the immense amount of stress that has been put on me recently from school. So, unfortunately this is affecting the blog, I just simply can't think of anything to write so I feel it better not to write at all. However, I do have an outfit post to show you, albeit rather plain and boring. I love the smart look right now, and as a result have acquired a reasonable amount of shirts resulting in this look. Not much to say about it really. I do really love my new shoes though, how could I have lived this long without owning a pair of brogues!


  1. Love the outfit, nice and simple x

  2. Your outfit's lovely, and brogues are the best aren't they! I live in 'em :)

    ps. I love your style, and blog! x