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I currently study and live in Birmingham and am in my second year of university, undertaking a degree in media and communication. I used to blog (about fashion, style, clothes etc.) but for various reasons stopped. However, I now find myself at a point where I have more developed and informed opinions on an array of different things, including the fashion industry. This blog is not going to be photos of outfits and clothes, but my view on a multitude of topics surrounding the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I love but as media undergraduate I want to write articles that avoid the wishy washy adoration so commonly reflected in fashion blogs and magazines. It's interesting to look a little further and dig a littler deeper.

Friday, 20 July 2012

where have you been...

Tenerife is where I have been! It was totally amazing, I cannot express verbally how amazing it actually was. I am however down on about 30 hours of sleep because of how late I got back most nights, and in one case not going to bed at all, so this explains why I look so incredibly rough in these photos. You may also notice that I do not look tanned in the slightest, and this is because I had sun/heat stroke and had to stay inside for two and a half days. A side from that it was all wonderful and I feel as if I'm ready to move out come September, whereas before I still felt like a child who was too young. To my surprise the nights out there were top notch, which proves you don't necessarily have to blow all your money on places like Ibiza. I got back home at 5am on Thursday and since then have been sat inside watching the rain roll down the window and longing to go out and party. I miss all the people there because everyone was up for a good time (expect one individual who makes my blood boil grr), its quite sad I'm never going to see them again.
P.S. look what the airport staff did to my suitcase on the way back :( now I have no suitcase for Sunday when I travel to Devon

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