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I currently study and live in Birmingham and am in my second year of university, undertaking a degree in media and communication. I used to blog (about fashion, style, clothes etc.) but for various reasons stopped. However, I now find myself at a point where I have more developed and informed opinions on an array of different things, including the fashion industry. This blog is not going to be photos of outfits and clothes, but my view on a multitude of topics surrounding the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I love but as media undergraduate I want to write articles that avoid the wishy washy adoration so commonly reflected in fashion blogs and magazines. It's interesting to look a little further and dig a littler deeper.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

we are what we are

Its been a bit of an average week really, but then again I wasn't expecting anything exciting to happen. But at least its only one more week until half term! I'm so relieved to have a break from sixth form. It gives me the chance to get up to date with all my art coursework as well, whether I actually do it is another question.
As you can see by the photo above I tried to put my fringe back in the other day, it did look nice before I left the house with a hat on, but it slowly decided to fall out as the day went on. I have decided not to get it cut in though, I'd rather wait for it to completely grow out.

So, I was flicking through one of the newspapers the other day and came across the 'womens section' and noticed it was promoting a new line of swim wear for next that supposedly was perfectly fitting for all sizes. Now, is it me or are these models unrealistic of their so called sizes. We are now encouraged more than ever that it is ok to be curvy and womanly, which is fair enough as it is important to boost our body confidence. But how many women are really a size 14 and have a perfectly flat tummy along with skyscraper legs? In fact she looks smaller than the size 12. I am a size 10 and have a far bigger tummy and legs than the size 14. Its completely unrealistic expectations of what a 'real woman'actually is. Sorry about the short rant but it really bugged me and I just needed to get it out.

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  1. This post made me laugh a little because you're completely right about the newspaper cutting, how are they so in proportion and middle one looks smaller..that doesnt make sense lol xx