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I currently study and live in Birmingham and am in my second year of university, undertaking a degree in media and communication. I used to blog (about fashion, style, clothes etc.) but for various reasons stopped. However, I now find myself at a point where I have more developed and informed opinions on an array of different things, including the fashion industry. This blog is not going to be photos of outfits and clothes, but my view on a multitude of topics surrounding the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I love but as media undergraduate I want to write articles that avoid the wishy washy adoration so commonly reflected in fashion blogs and magazines. It's interesting to look a little further and dig a littler deeper.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Soul Punk

Many of you probably don't know, but once apon a time I was a fall out boy super fan. I lived, breathed, and slept fall out boy. I only ever listened to them and daydreamed regularly about Pete Wentz. Their posters graced my walls (and ceiling) and I would constantly scour magazines for articles about them. So when I found out about Patrick Stump going off in a new solo direction I was left jumping for joy, after all his voice had been the soundtrack to my life for the past 5 years. After a quick google search I was astonished; he had blossomed. Long gone are the days of side burns and caps in with the new slick image to match his brilliant new album. I have to say, he looks completely different, I mean as much as I adored the adorable, geeky Patrick from fall out boy I'm in love with the new look he now has. I haven't even begun on the music yet! I always have and always will be in love with his voice, its just so easy to listen to. It has that something that just completely relaxes me. All the songs encapsulate me, my words just cannot do it justice so just go and listen to it yourself, you won't regret it.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! x